WATCH: Miss Argentina & Miss Puerto Rico Share Their Love Story Thanks to Fenty

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Love is in the air. Mariana Varela (Miss Argentina) and Fabiola Valentín (Miss Puerto Rico) have joined the campaign for Rihanna’s first luxury perfume, Fenty Eau de Parfum, and given us a look at their love story.

Fenty describes Rihanna’s new perfume as having “a warm floral scent designed for everyone and every occasion, with key notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine, and Bulgarian rose.”

In one of the ads, Varela and Valentín, who are married in real life, are seen walking on a beach and talking about how they met at a pageant in Thailand. The campaign shows them sharing their love – embracing, holding hands, and kissing. Even though they were competitors at the pageant, they explain that they quickly connected with one another.

“[How] special it was to work for the Fenty Eau de Parfum fragrance with my #FentyBeautyPartner [Fabiola],” Varela wrote on social media. “It’s beautiful when two bodies come together with love.”

Valentín shared the exact same sentiment as her wife on her Instagram page. In the ad, Varela says her nickname for her wife is “My Little Chocolate.”

Last November, Miss Argentina & Miss Puerto Rico announced they had gotten married after privately dating for two years. At that time, they released a video montage featuring their romantic love story. In the Fenty ad, both women seemed to enjoy the smell of the perfume – especially when the other one is wearing it.

“Smells good,” they say. “You like it? Yes, a lot.”

Starting on February 10, 2023, Fenty Eau de Parfum can be found at Sephora stores worldwide. It can currently be purchased at for $140 per bottle.