WATCH: ‘Poolside Karen’ Goes Viral for Racist Comments Towards Latine Family

Lead Photo: Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images
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A TikTok video of a white woman making racist comments at a Latine family in Lakewood, Colorado, has gone viral. She has been identified by The Daily Mail as 49-year-old Blair Featherman, an art consultant.

The footage uploaded by @jadeserie shows the woman upset that a Latine family is having a party at their neighborhood swimming pool. The video, which has been crossposted across many platforms and seen millions of times, begins with the woman standing with her hands on her hips and complaining that the family allegedly has more guests than allowed.

“You have a f—king Mexican party in the pool,” she says angrily. She then calls the family “trash.” According to @jadeserie, the woman also made comments directed at the children at the party, saying, “When they grow up, they will be trash too.”

At one point, the racist woman walks up to the person recording her and says, “You can’t just record me” and tries to knock the phone out of her hand.

The video then cuts to “Poolside Karen” laying on a pair of lounge chairs. She is being subdued by a man talking on the phone. Their relationship is unknown, but it’s possible it’s her husband. “You’re nasty, you smell!” she screams. “Get the f–k out!” She also calls one of the party guests “low-class slime” and tells them to “go back to Denver.”

At the end of the video, a trio of police officers are seen talking to the woman and the two men with her. The woman is now talking on the phone and takes a seat on the lounge chair as one of the men tries to calm her down.