These Puerto Rican Students Reacting to Getting Power 112 Days Post-Maria Will Make You Cry

Lead Photo: Photo by Natanael Ginting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Natanael Ginting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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On January 12, Academia Bautista de Puerto Rico broke out in celebration. 112 days after Hurricane María struck the island, the San Juan school finally got power back. Students rushed the halls, a teacher rang a bell, and someone chanted “no pare, sigue sigue.” As the island still struggles to recover, life is difficult for many. Water and basic goods are still scarce, and only about 80 percent of the island’s power has been restored ((making it the longest blackout in US history) – meaning that some students attended a school with no electricity, only to return to a home that still didn’t have power.

The video of the celebration shows the sheer joy people felt after living without electricity for so long, and it serves as a reminder that there’s more work to be done on the island. Check out the video below: