Watch This Stray Dog Get Lured to Safety With Tortillas During Texas Freeze

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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A woman in San Antonio, Texas, pulled her car over during a quick trip to the store when she saw a stray dog wandering in the streets during the state’s record-breaking freeze last week.

The NBC and Fox affiliate in the Alamo City captured video of Kristin Salinas trying to lure the black lab mix into her car and out of the frigid temperatures. To make her invitation more appealing to him, she offered him some of the tortillas she had just purchased at the store.
Salinas explained to the news outlet that she was sent home from work early because it started to snow. On her way home, she stopped at the store to buy tortillas for her mom.

“He doesn’t want to get pet, but I was able to bring him in with the tortillas I bought,” Salinas says in the video. “I put some in the back and he jumped in the car. I’m just trying to keep him warm.”

When asked why she spent the half hour she said it took to save the dog, Salinas explained that she always tries to rescue stray animals and find them homes.

“Dogs, they don’t know what’s going on,” Salinas says. “Cats, pets, they don’t know what’s going on. So, we try to help them out—one dog at a time. I’m hoping the next person will stop, too, and help the different strays.”
So, “was it worth it?” the reporter asks.

“Yeah, I still have tortillas for my mom, and I got him in the car [where] it’s warm,” she says. “So, yeah, definitely worth it.”