Omaigá We Might Finally Get Taco and Burrito Emojis

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Over the summer, Unicode, the character-encoding consortium that develops software internationalization standards for emoji (among other computer applications) announced that it would debut 250 new emoji. Though my hopes were high, I scanned the entire list and found nary a taco or a speck of melanin amongst them. (There, WAS, however a middle finger emoji — so there’s that).

Now, Unicode has stoked our hopes once more by announcing in a blog post that it has accepted 37 candidates for the next emoji update, scheduled for mid-2015. Under the heading “Most Popularly Requested Emoji”  the post lists a taco and a burrito amongst the candidates, because DUH LITERALLY EVERYONE WANTS THIS. Also, someone clearly read our taco-related emoji wish-list, because the sample taco Unicode references on their site looks almost exactly like the one we created (!).

No word yet on when final candidates will be selected, but you can stay up on all the latest emoji news on Unicode’s blog here.