We Traveled to Puerto Rico With Uber — & This Is What We Learned

Lead Photo: Credit: mikolajn/Getty Images
Credit: mikolajn/Getty Images
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While planning a vacation can be fun, it also involves some tedious details — one of them being: transportation. Figuring out how to get around can be a real headache, especially when you’re torn between renting a car, relying on public transportation, or hopping in a rideshare. In Puerto Rico, this decision often plagues tourists, as many visitors juggle picking between rental or rideshare. That’s where Uber comes in as the popular app has been aiming to revolutionize travel on the island since its launch in Puerto Rico back in July 2016.

With extensive coverage in the metropolitan area, as well as Mayagüez and Ponce, Uber has become the go-to choice for tourists exploring the island. In fact, over 1.7 million visitors have utilized the Uber app in Puerto Rico, collectively embarking on more than 44.5 million miles of unforgettable journeys. 

When speaking with Carolina Coto, Uber Communications Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, she emphasized the company’s commitment to tourism. “We want to promote tourism in Puerto Rico by transforming the way people and things move across the island, and being a tool that meets the daily needs of users and businesses,” she shared. “That is why we are constantly evolving to offer people accessible options to go where they want and ask for what they like.”

Since its inception, Uber has facilitated countless trips to and from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, accounting for a staggering 3 million rides. The app is particularly popular among tourists from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Aside from airport transfers, popular destinations where tourists rely on Uber include Plaza Las Américas, Playita del Condado, the Caribe Hilton Hotel, and even Walmart. 

With this information, Uber hopes to find new ways to get tourists and locals to see other parts of the island where the rideshare app is accessible, which will hopefully expand. With more convenience, people can feel encouraged to explore more than ever and get to know Puerto Rico for what it truly is. “We seek to transform the way tourists and locals explore and enjoy Puerto Rico,” Coto said. “We want to complement and boost the tourism ecosystem and provide access to a world of facilities at the touch of a button.”

Travel and accommodations were provided to a team member by Uber for the purpose of writing this story.