We Want Change (on TV)

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There used to be some Latin rock and alternative videos playing on MTV Tr3s. There even used to be a whole rock block that has been taken off the air to give way to Aventura, Wisin y Yandel and Xtreme. Weekly show Indie 101, hosted by Volumen Cero guitar player Marthin Chan (aka El Chino, above, left), featured acts like Kinky, Los Abandoned and Austin TV will not be coming back for now, and MTV Tr3s is not the only one. Seems Mun2 is now featuring more Regional Mexican (or Pepsi Musica) than rock acts these days.

"It’s not about the money at all, at the end of the day I’m just a songwriter and a musician" Marthin told us over the phone from LA, where he lives. "kids want to get the story of rock and roll, and we’re just fluffing it. Why does MTV Tr3s want to follow a reality TV format? Kids want to see music shows. I went to  [hip hop artist] Malverde’s CD release party and some dudes told me they didn’t just watch my show, they TiVo-ed it."

Marthin is angry, very angry, not just because his show is off the air, but because when we finally get Latin media outlets in the US, we’re still not getting diverse programming options. So he blogged about it and urges others to do the same.

In the meantime, Marthin is channeling his frustration by creating a pilot for a Latin alternative radio show and doing what he does best: shitloads of music (and he’s saying f*ck it to the burdens of big labels as well, all indie for him). He produced Chana’s upcoming album, which drops on March 18, his other band Popvert new material, Infidelity Park, and of course Volumen Cero’s new album which will they hope to release this year as well. Look for them playing live in Miami for the Latin Billboard Conference in April.

From Marthin’s MySpace blog:

BLOG!!!! bring back the rock block

Hi everyone,
please email
and blog about how dissapointed you are that they’ve taken the rock block out of MTV TRES
the US Hispanic market usually follows the MEXICAN market as far as music trends
concerns….but this time they are not realizing
the success that ZOE, TACUBA, JULIETA VENEGAS, MANA, EL TRI, LA LEY, VOLUMEN CERO, PLASTILINA MOSH, ANDREA ECHEVERRI, juanes, los bunkers, jumbo, black guayaba, cerati, heroes, jaguares,panda, motel, pastilla, allison, lucybell
just to name a few of the top of my head
i remember attenting at the home depot center brought to you by AEG HEROES DEL SILENCIO 30,000 people screaming to the top of their lungs $200 seats
i remember seeing ALEx Lora play in atlanta in a migrent worker warehouse for 3000 kids
AEG owners of golden voice which brings you coachella valley arts festival; had succeesful soda stereo reunion tour…..
in 1999 working at warner music i learned that the staff in sales had no clue how MIkel erenxtun had sold an import cd realsed in mexico as national product had sold 50,000 imports in the US
hombres G over 100000 sold
angeles del infierno 100000 sold
i remember touring in the US w juanes and la ley filled seats
its not a fad…
ROCK works….don’t let them tell you otherwise
we have to speak out for our genre and not sell out against it
by turning our heads…
EVERYONE blog about it …please
its usually people that are a little out touch wit the reality of music…that make decisions
i’m sorry that i can’t change that…
kids need to blog more…. so that all latinos don’t get cornered into being stereotypical
salseros merengueros reggetoneros (huey)
so what if you like ATREVETE
i like it too ….but ROCK AND ROLL will save your soul
just look at south of the border
who is selling records?????
is paulina doing an amy winehouse type record???
If Hispanic television is suppose to be targeting mexicans in the US
beacuse they are the majority
why don’t they get it !!!
that mexicans and non mexicans consume rock!!!!!!!
if they keep following the payola system;;;;what mainstream coorperate radio follows
like sh
eeps to the slaughter….
they assume all of us can be fed "i was in club SHIIIIT"
speak up!!!!!!!!!!!
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!
I’m so glad labels are shitting bricks right now…
once the NY checks stop coming or british checks
people will decide what they want and not want to hear
like I’ve changed i still like the cure depeche mode new order the smiths
as much as i like lucha reyes, chana , ceci bastida, super elegantes,panasuyo, super aquello, javiera mena
HABLEN CARAJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!