Welcome to the fam, Phoeniquera!

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Since its 2006 beginnings as a local NYC guide, Remezcla has focused on highlighting the most exciting, inspiring and innovative things happening across Latin culture. Our goal has always been to help readers find the best latin parties, concerts, films and cultural events – all while fostering and connecting the emerging Latino creative community. As that community grew and expanded, so did we – to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami.

Now, it’s with great excitement that we welcome our newest city into the fold: Phoenix. As the biggest metropolis in the southwest – one known for its major Latino presence – we kept hearing from Phoeniqueros eager to see their thriving independent arts and culture scene represented. And as soon as we dove in to everything Phoenix has to offer, we understood why.

We’ve brought some of Phoenix’s cultural trailblazers on board, and we’re pumped to bring you their unique voice and perspectives on everything from moombahton to independent theaters to where to get the best tortas.

And, as always, if there’s something you want to show us, feel free to send suggestions to!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more events, features, reviews and Phoenix guides. And welcome to the Remezcla fan!