What the F%&*$ is a "Party de Marquesina"?

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Tonight is the second installment of the monthly “D’Marquesina” parties at Westside Tavern in Chelsea. D’Marquesina is a concept created by Glorimarta Linares and Hector Arce-Espasas from Puerto Rico, and it all started with “party de marquesinas” (garage parties) that we all went to starting at around 5th grade and throughout high school.

So what is that exactly? A bunch of pre-pubescent kids in a dimly lit terraza or literally, the garage of some kid’s home. Piscolabis “home made” treats prepared by the host mom such as ritz crackers with cheese out of a can, sandwichitos de “mezcla” (spam, cheese, peppers, etc spread), brownies, etc. Flat Sprite from a “padrino” (tall plastic bottle.) Music at a party de marquesina includes everything, from underground (early reggaeton and dancehall) to boleros (around midnight), to  merengue, and English dance hits.

But D’Marquesina is not only nostalgic or tropical. Glori and Hector play everything from M.I.A. to remixed Mecano to Wisin y Yandel.
Here’s a taste of some of  D’Marquesina’s favorites and inspirations, so you have an idea. See you at the dance floor!