This Teen’s Quince Photo Shoot Went Full Texas With a Whataburger Theme

Lead Photo: Photo by GemaBlanton
Photo by GemaBlanton
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For Texans, going Whataburger is near a religious experience; what In-N-Out is for Californians, Whataburger is for the Lone Star State. And for rising 15-year-old Evelyn Lopez Terrazas, the regional burger chain became a basis for her quinceañera photo shoot. Fair warning: things are about to get real Texas in here.

Yes, that’s a typical quince photo shoot, horse and all, wrapped up nicely with the climactic photo, which shows Natalia, Texas native Lopez Terrazas eating Whataburger in her poofy gown. To further drive her love of the chain, she made a giant quince sign bearing the trademark Whataburger orange color palette, because no one goes harder than quince celebrators.

After the photo made the rounds on the Latinternet, Lopez Terrazas’ mom told KSAT that the chain was sending her a “gift” to celebrate both her quince and her love of all things Whataburger. And, as is tradition, people went crazy praising the burger theme for the shoot, showering the original tweet with love and Texan admiration:

In case you think this is an isolated stroke of brilliance, and not a sign of how seriously Texans take their casual fast food burgers, peep this other quince photo shoot from earlier this year, which actually took place in a Whataburger franchise.