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Bueno, while reading my daily news on I couldn’t help but notice Vivica A. Fox’s stunning beauty. The woman has had like 48 plastic surgeries, so I started googling images of her when I stumbled into a website called (I obsess. About everything. From my underwear to my “novios”.Emphasis on the ” “).

Make Me Heal is like Wikipedia, but for plastic surgery. The website gives you mini-bios on celebrities and all their trips to the surgeon’s office for a little nip and tuck. Of course, I was hoping to read stories about queens of the Latin bisturí such as Charytin, Lucia Mendez, Charo, La Tigresa del Oriente…. Unfortunately, the only thing I could find was one blah story on JLo (Tummy tuck! Cheek Implants! Botox! Restalyne! Lip Reduction! Nose Job! OH MY!!!).

Luckily, a Shakira page is in the works . Can’t wait to see what they write. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to gushing on the divine allure of Ms. Fox.