Win The Perfect Poolside Saturday in LA With Vibes, Music, and Micheladas Galore

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Local lore traces the origins of the Michelada – the beloved Mexican beer cocktail that now abounds on LA brunch menus– to el Club Deportivo Potosino, an old sports club tucked away in the far end of the city of San Luís Potosí. It was there, as rumor tells it, that a club member named Michel Esper used to show up on hot afternoons and order his beer with a special preparation: served with lime, salt, ice and a straw. It wasn’t long before the refreshing concoction caught on, and soon others were ordering “Michel’s limonada”, which eventually became the Micheladas we know today.

While there’s no definitive proof this is how it all went down – and a few other competing histories/theories out there – what we know for sure is that today the Michelada is enjoying a boom in popularity in the US, where it’s giving Bloody Marys a run for their money.

And because we can’t get enough of them, we’ve decided to team up with Clamato to celebrate the refreshing blessing that is the Michelada with a private pool party, dope music, delicious eats, and a Michelada throwdown that will pit two leading LA mixologists against each other to create the best Clamato Michelada.

We want you and your friends to come day drink and dance with us. All you have to do is show us what gets you in the #MicheladaMood by posting a photo using the #MicheladaMood hashtag on Instagram or Facebook by September 21st. We’ll be picking ten winners to join the poolside lituation, which will have you feeling as nice as this guy.

For rules and more info on how to enter, check out the official #MicheladaMood contest website here and peep the flyer with full talent line up below.