11 Can't Miss Parties at the Winter Music Conference

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March madness is coming to Miami, and it’s hotter and whole lot louder than anywhere else in the world. Although Ultra Music Festival has, in some ways, become the focal point of all the music attention, the Winter Music Conference is the reason for the season. Like the CMJ Festival or SXSW, the conference is meant to bring hundred of thousands of industry people together for panels, workshops, and competitions. If you’re an artist, a label owner, and are srs bizness about music, you can buy a badge to attend the official events. But let’s be real. Most of us aren’t looking to sit in a seminar about music management. We want to be IN IT. We want to sweat, and dance and we want to PARTY. And lucky for you, we scoured through the hundreds of parties and chose some of the top spots you need to hit during the 2 weeks. So get ready, ‘cause it’s going to be a loooong one.


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