Woman Pulls Up To A Party, Only To Find Out It’s Her Own Surprise Wedding

Lead Photo: Photo by Jianghui Cai/ EyeEm
Photo by Jianghui Cai/ EyeEm
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Imagine getting ready to go a party – only to get there and realize it’s your wedding. This is what happened to a woman, who arrived at the family function dressed in all white, which turned out to be the wedding of her dreams.

The bride, Alba, was welcomed to the venue by family members and the sounds of Nicky Jam’s “Cásate Conmigo.” She was in tears as she began to hug relatives, who were recording the whole scene on their phones. Alba wore a white maxi dress with lace sleeves and a flower headband.

For many, this wedding could actually be their worst nightmare. But attendees revealed that a beachside wedding was Alba’s biggest dream. “I can assure you this was the most beautiful thing you could ever see,” commented an attendee on the YouTube video, which now has 2.4 million views. The attendee also said that the groom planned the event with Alba’s dream wedding in mind.

In the video, Alba is seen walking in the venue and handed a bouquet of flowers to walk down the aisle. Guests seem quite moved by the touching moment, wiping tears on their faces. Alba reaches the altar to greet the groom’s family members and kiss her future husband, David. It’s all out of a rom-com.

Surprise weddings are not a new thing, though. In 2016, a man in Argentina surprised his wife with a vow renewal after 30 years of marriage and three children. This wedding was even bigger, as the groom chose to surprised the bride in a cathedral. The surprise took five years to plan, as several churches denied to host the vow renewal because they needed consent from the bride. (It seems pretty logical, though!)

Although not everyone is a fan, tear-jerking surprise weddings seem to be a trend. It’s surely a walk down the aisle to remember. Watch the moving surprise below.