Latin Word of the Day: Paragüero

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Defintions of Paragüero

1. a person who is sloppy, careless; someone who half-asses everything
2.  a careless or inept driver
a. paragüeria: the act of driving recklessly

Examples of Paragüero

1.  El carprintero es un paragüero. Dejo la casa llena de puntillas. (The handyman half-assed the job and left nails all over the house.)
2. ¡Ño! Tremendo paragüero acaba de pasar por aqui. Casi se lleva el buzón. (That jackass sped down the street and almost crashed into my mailbox.)
a. ¡Sigue haciendo paragüerias que te van a poner una multa! (You’re going to get a ticket if you keep driving like a moron!)

Rhymes with Paragüero

agujero, suero