Word Up Books in Washington Heights Celebrates 5 Months and a Possible Extended Stay

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First, if you don’t know about Word Up Community Bookstore in Washington Heights, change that.

Word Up is a multi-language, general-interest bookshop committed to promoting literacy & community-building in Washington Heights. By hosting workshops, literary readings, and musical engagements for kids and adults, we do our best to support and fortify the creative spirit unique to our diverse, Uptown community.

Our staff is 100% volunteer-powered, and we rely heavily on community support, such as donated skills and supplies.

As you may already know, Remezcla is fond of bookstores. That’s why we were happy to hear that Word Up is holding an event tomorrow to “celebrate FIVE MONTHS OF WORD UP and […] share with you some of the plans plans for keeping Word Up in the neighborhood.” You see, they were supposed to be out of their space earlier this month, but have been struggling to secure a longer term deal with their landlord. We give them tons of credit for being able to remain open for regular hours the entire duration of this ordeal.

We hope they’ve got some good news tomorrow. The Rent Party is tomorrow (12/17) at 6PM. $10 for “food & drink & fun.”