Heartbreak is a natural part of the World Cup. With only one team taking home the trophy, fans of many teams will end up heartbroken. For one Mexican man and one Russian woman who met during the World Cup, the tournament was also about love. Now Miguel Minoru and Kristina are engaged and ready to start a new chapter of their lives together.

Miguel found himself in Russia to support El Tri. On the first night, as he was leaving his hotel to meet two friends, he was struggling to figure out if he should turn left or right. He went left and came across two young women, one of which was Kristina, trying to cross the street. He approached them and asked for help, and Kristina volunteered to drop him off at the venue. They talked and laughed the entire way there. Miguel asked Kristina out to dinner, but she declined. Though he didn’t think he’d see her again, they did begin chatting on WhatsApp, and after chatting all night, they made a plan to meet up the next day, he told Soy Carmín.

“On the second say, everything was magical,” he told the publication. “I felt like I was dreaming.” Their story went viral after he shared a video of their journey as a couple, including the moment when he proposed to her on the day of the final. Miguel had actually returned to Mexico after his team was eliminated, but he returned to ask her to marry him.

La conocí en Rusia el primer día que llegue, antes del partido de Mexico.. le pedí orientación de un lugar, me contestó que me acompañaría.. pero jamás pensé que era para toda la vida me les caso compás ❤️ ayer regrese por ella

Posted by Miguel Minoru Fukuhara on Monday, July 16, 2018

According to Miguel, Kristina has basically mastered Spanish in a month, and now they’re ready to be together. Kristina is making plans to move to Mexico so they can plan their wedding.