After President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union, which will likely once again malign immigrant communities and other people of color, Stacey Abrams – who came close to defeating Brian Kemp in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race – will deliver the official response for the Democratic party. While Abrams – the first African-American woman to deliver an official response – will be on many TVs and screens across the country, for Spanish speakers that person will be Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general.

Becerra will deliver the official Spanish-language response, making it the first time the party delivers a live response in the language, according to NBC News. Both Univision and Telemundo will air the response.

Becerra has already said he doesn’t plan to mince words. “I always go for the fences and this won’t be any different,” he told NBC News. “[Americans] don’t have to be hoodwinked on what the true state of the union is when it’s not so good.”

In 2007, he delivered a SOTU response, but it wasn’t live.