Ximena Sariñana on Twilight's New Moon Soundtrack?

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A few months ago we heard a rumor that Ximena Sariñana’s song “Frente al Mar” would be featured on the Twilight’s New Moon soundtrack as the only Spanish song on the list of amazing tunes ranging from The Killers to Grizzly Bear. We were stoked! We searched far and wide and continuously on Google and YouTube but couldn’t seem to find the track. Fortunately, we’ve found it and it’s great! Unfortunately, it wasn’t included on the soundtrack.

Why, you ask? Well, we’re actually wondering the same thing. A few weeks ago she made a statement on MySpace stating that the song would be included. Perhaps it will be included as a bonus track on the Mexican version, or featured on a digital release?

The song is impressively raw and certainly fits in perfectly with the eerie and surreal backdrop of Twilight. Her voice is a bit raspier than normal and the song is quite melodic and very picturesque conjuring images of unrequited love.

Just check out some of the lyrics:

“Ardo en soledad, canto que dar, la falta de saber en dónde estas.”
“I burn in solitude and sing to know but fail to know where you are.”

Lyrics only appropriate for a mysterious vampire love affair. The song ends with a series of ‘Ooo’s’ that sound like a wolf howling a lullaby into the night. LISTEN TO ‘FRENTE AL MAR” HERE!!