XoXa in the NYTimes!!!

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Needless to say, it was QUITE a shock to open our daily paper and see none other than our very own mascot, XoXa, in the news!!!!   And to make matters worse, she’s not credited!

One Lily Koppel wrote a piece on La Villita Bakery in Williamsburg (home of XoXa’s boyfriend Marcelinus Cunnilingus, and perhaps where XoXa escaped to when she disappeared after the Maria Daniela party at East River Bar).  They call her "a naked knockoff of a Barbie doll," which frankly, we find quite offensive, ’cause Barbie’s got nothin’ on XoXa!  I mean, XoXa has nipples!!!!  But anyway, read it for yourself.  We’re dialing the Times ahorita mismisimo to request one of those typo comments to appear in tomorrow’s paper  ("In the piece on La Villita Bakery, we neglected to credit the plastic doll in the window as XoXa, official mascot of"  Word.)

In a Bakery Window, Shades of Miss Havisham