Y Donde Estan Las Radios Modernas?

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No, no there are no modern Latin radio stations in the US (any suggestions please comment below.)

Pero we have Emmanuel Horvilleur, ex- Illya Kuryaki, now black eyeliner-wearing, hip-shaking Argentinean and Prince wannabe. We’re in love. How great is the 90s aesthetic in this video? Black latex pants! It’s fascinating how with groups like Azafata, and most notably Miranda!, Argentina has been pushing the envelope with fun, "perverse pop," as coined by Rolling Stone magazine there.

"Radios" has been the song of the summer in Argentina, off Emmanuel’s third solo album, Mordisco and his androgynous sex appeal is making its way up the continent. Horvilleur will be playing at Vive Latino festival in May and he might be touring with Circo in the US if (crossing fingers.) SonyBMG: please release his album here NOW!!! (ooops, we already downloaded it…)

Emma, we’re your chicas modernas! <3 <3 <3