Yailin La Más Viral & Anuel AA Announce Birth of Daughter & Share First Photos

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yailinlamasviralreal
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yailinlamasviralreal
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Yailin La Más Viral shared the first photos of her and Anuel AA’s newborn daughter, Cattleya, on Instagram Monday (March 13).

“Welcome to the world, CATTLEYA little princess!” Yailin wrote alongside the photos, one that included the baby, but with the image of a flower covering her face. “From the moment you arrived, our lives changed forever. You are a blessing, a gift from God who has filled us with love and hope.”

The first photo also showed Anuel at Yailin’s hospital bedside looking at Cattleya. The second shows both of them looking at one another.

“You have stolen our hearts with your smile and your tiny hands,” Yailin’s message continues. “Every time we look at you, we feel an indescribable emotion, a mixture of happiness, gratitude and admiration.”

Yailin’s post also called their newborn daughter “a little miracle” and “the most special and wonderful little person we have ever met.” She also wrote about the many milestones she is looking forward to sharing with Cattleya as she grows up.

“Excited to see you grow strong and brave, full of love and happiness,” Yailin wrote. “We’re excited about the adventure that life is, and we’re happy and grateful to live it with you.”

Before Yailin dropped the photos, Anuel announced the birth of his daughter during an interview at a World Baseball Classic game in Miami where he was cheering on the team from Puerto Rico.

“I already have a Dominican daughter,” Anuel told former Dominican MLB outfielder Carlos Gómez. “She was born already.”