Yes, There’s a Tortilla Slap Challenge Going Viral on TikTok

Lead Photo: Courtesy of TikTok.
Courtesy of TikTok.
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When it comes to TikTok challenges, it’s difficult to be surprised at some of the things people come up with these days. Fortunately, the latest TikTok challenge to go viral isn’t nearly as dangerous as chewing on detergent pods or holding one’s breath until passing out. Phew.

It’s called the Tortilla Slap Challenge. The name of the game is for TikTok users to slap each other with tortillas. Yes, we’re being serious. Before the game begins, users fill their mouths with water. Then, they each take turns smacking each other across the face with the flatbread. The first person to laugh hard enough to spit out their water loses.

Think we’re making this up? Search #TortillaSlapChallenge at TikTok and countless videos with tens of thousands of views are at your disposal. Since there are no official instructions for TikTok challenges, it seems like everyone is playing by their own rules for this one, too.

For example, some users hit each other with their flour tortillas in a free-for-all slapping battle. Others are taking turns. Some incorporate the “Rock Paper Scissors” game to decide who gets to slap their opponent next.

The size of the tortillas also varies. Some people use 6-inch tortillas, while others use those commonly used for burritos. We haven’t seen anyone using the tiny tortillas to make street tacos yet (hopefully, that remains). We’re betting all these tortillas are store-bought because who would waste a perfectly edible homemade tortilla in their right mind?

Still, instead of smacking each other across the face with a tortilla, how about heating that thing up on a comal and putting some carne asada, cilantro, onions, lime juice, and salsa verde inside it and scarfing it down? To us, that seems a lot more fun than any TikTok challenge. Don’t @ us.