Yo quiero soccer tacos! (y huaraches…y horchata)

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We received some very disturbing news on Thursday, and have finally dried our tears enough to type out this nota.Our favorite excuse for gluttony–the Red Hook Ballfields–aka El Lugar Mágico, as our lovely Isseluna dubbed it a while ago–might have to close up shop after this summer.  So reports NYMag….

If you’ve never been to El Lugar Mágico, you’re missing out, and need to get your ass over there asap.  Monster-sized huaraches, tacos de barbacoa, pupusas, jugs of horchata, and oh so much more. The best Mexican (and Salvadoran, etc.) food in NYC, hands down.  But maybe not for long….

Anyway, in short, the vendors’ permit is not being renewed, and the only person who can change things is the Parks Commissioner himself.  What does this mean? Well, that you need to write the fucking Park Commissioner Benepe and make sure we get our platanos con crema, dammit!  CLICK HERE TO WRITE HIM, and do it!!! 

From the NYMag blog:

“People need to say that the vendors bring something of value to the community, to Red Hook and Brooklyn … [because] we can’t compete with multi-million-dollar corporations.” Currently, Fuentes is asking the city to extend the permit at least for twelve more operating days, or until the usual closing, in October.

We know this cause isn’t as noble as some others out there, but seriously, it’s worth it.