This 15-Second Drama Set to “Baila Esta Cumbia” Will Make Your Whole Life

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Social media has allowed truly creative and hilarious people to shine. The best part is that comedic genius can come from anywhere: your grandmother, your neighbor, even your kid sister, as was the case for one Twitter user. Just last week, @playboialann shared a video of his sister, Estrella, that ignited fits of laughter in seemingly millions.

The young girl recorded herself lip-synching along to Selena’s “Baila esta cumbia.” She plays two characters – an overly eager person urging someone to dance along and the reluctant one, who owes their looks to a filter. Much like your mami or papi forcing you to dance at family gatherings, the first character gets the other one on the dance floor.

In the time since her brother posted the video, it has received 6.73 million views. It led Estrella to start her own Instagram page, where she already has 15,000 followers.

And she’s already shared a follow-up to her hilarious first video – this time set to Hechizeros Band’s “El Sonidito.”

And now that she’s reached viral fame, she hopes to meet Ellen DeGeneres. She’s already given us so much joy, so it’s time to give back.