Your Guide to Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos

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Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are in the running to being some of our favorite holidays ever. Dressing up as someone you’re not for a night and building altars for your ancestors is equally creative. Thank God they fall on separate days. This year, ditch the slutty costume and opt for something different like Ugly Betty, or her ghetto fab sister Hilda.

We’ve compiled a plethora of events to get you psyched about, including Lucha VaVoom, aka that Mexican masked wrestling striptease wonder. And although you may have to do the sign of the cross five times to cop a ticket, Che premieres in L.A. at the AFI Film Fest on Saturday. Finally, don’t miss Pilar Diaz‘s Dia De Los Muertos solo album release party at The Echo, and make sure to attend some of the events on the Day of the Dead roundup we put together for you.

More ideas on what to do and where to go, here.

PS- Don’t forget to check your candy for any razor blades, or whatever they used to teach us in school, before eating it.