Your NY Going Out Guide: The Let The Sun Shine Edition

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Daylight Savings is this Sunday m’ijos! Just in time to rescue me from an ill-advised impulse purchase of one of those absurdly expensive Swedish sun lamps. Sure, we’ll lose an hour of sleep, but at this point I’d probably sell my soul for a few more hours of light in the day, so I’m over here doing celebratory sun salutations.

Our favorite Going-Out Guru Joel is out of commission this week planning for our big escapade to Vive Latino – have you checked out our massive giveaway by the way? – but here’s where I’ll be channeling that extra Vitamin D Serotonin this week:



Half-Peruvian/Half-European babes gotta support other Half-Peruvian/Half European babes, which is why I’ll be dropping by indie-folk-pop songstress Madi Diaz’s Mercury Lounge show. With a dreamy voice that wraps around you like a favorite childhood blanket and several recent song placements on mainstream TV shows (including Pretty Little Liars baha) I have a feeling she’s about to make it big. Catch her while the shows are still mellow. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


I don’t even know why the Friday work day exists in NYC, because there’s so much to do on Thursday nights that you can pretty much guarantee everyone is rolling into work hungover and/or on 5 hours of sleep Friday morning. There’s a lot going on tonight, starting with the Lady Bug Pin-Up exhibit at Apt 78, sponsored by our Dip-sters friends and the Peralta Project. Judging from the photos I’ve seen so far, I’ll be modeling my summer wardrobe after these adorable pin-ups, so holler at me if you’re tryna squire me to a picnic fellasssss. I’ll bring the blanket if you bring the snacks. EVENT DETAILS HERE.

Next stop is El Museo del Barrio to support the Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring (DREAM) Project’s 2nd Annual benefit fundraiser. It’s always great to support the chirren, but the real draw is that the event is also a Celia Cruz tribute, and Celia is my wifey for lifey duh. A bunch of exclusive memorabilia will be on display, and I’m hoping and praying at at least a third of it involves her glorious, glorious wigs. I mean, the woman was perfect:

I (perhaps unfairly) have a tendency to assume museum fundraiser events will be boring, but the last time I stopped by a Museo del Barrio event there was a giant dance party, I saw Hamish Bowles in a perfect cerulean suit, and the food was BOMB. Let us also not forget that museums love to hand out free wine like it’s their job. So come through, chicos! EVENT DETAILS HERE.

The Museo del Barrio event goes till 10:30, but knowing me, that wine buzz will convince me I need to keep the night going. Plus, how can you look at Celia Cruz memorabilia all night and not wanna go dancing? To get my fix, I’ll be heading downtown to NuBlu’s Pa’lante party, where the Rice and Beans Soundsytem will be spinning all the boogaloo/salsa gorda I could ever hope to hear. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


Since I’m a fan of both whiskey and cumbia, I’ll be at Stage 48 tonight to see Bareto’s Dewars-sponsored performance. The Peruvian alt-tropical band puts a new twist on the chicha music I grew up listening to, and this is their only NYC performance so it’s a can’t miss. Also, Remezcla is hooking our readers up with a VIP concert experience, so sign up and come thirsty if you catch my drift. EVENT DETAILS HERE.