Your NY Going Out Guide: The Countdown To Spring

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February is almost over, hello March: the Countdown for Spring begins! (Watch us getting a foquin snow storm this week…). Festival season is about to start with Nrmal in Monterrey, SXSW in Austin and Vive Latino, el gran mother of all mothers of Latin-American festivals, so we’ve got a lot to look forward to. In the meantime, here’s what we have to look forward



Apparently this is the year of the resurrections; Porter reunites for Vive Latino 2013, Thalia will continue the legacy of the Marias with a new soap opera (JK LOLZ), and Rosana releases a new album and goes on tour… I hope Cerati gets the comeback memo. Once upon a time a singer/songwriter by the name of Rosana was the artist of choice for those painful break up playlists. Allow me to refresh your memory, remember these songs: “Si tu no estas aqui,” “Lunas Rotas,” “Nadie mas que yo”? If you had a fallout with the Oscars when you found out that Gael Garcia’s “NO” did NOT win an academy award; cry yourself a river tonight at Stage 48; Rosanna will be there and will give 1,000 reasons to slash your wrists. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


Once upon a time, singer Fergie asked an age old question: “What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?” On this hump day, I recommend you take your humps over to The Flat in Willy B for the third go-round of Global Bass Fiesta. They’ll be hosting some of the most respected DJs in the tropical party scene, including Uproot Andy, DJ Riobamba & host Emerson AKA White Animal Sound. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


I recently came across this new wavish, synthish, pop band called Selebrities; and I’m kinda loving their music. If had the gift of a great voice and was talented enough to play the synth, this is probably what my band would sound like. I’m going to check Selebreties out Thursday evening at Glasslands before they turn into actual celebrities – GET IT?! EVENT DETAILS HERE.

As much as I enjoy seeing art, the last time I went to a museum was last summer when I went to a “party” that turned out to not even exist. It’s time to get the artsy crafty mojo back at the Brooklyn Museum where they are having several FREE (GRATIS MY FRIENDS) tours of “Life, Death and Transformation in the Americas.” Hint: There are some great restaurants and bars in the area, which I’m planning to visit after the museum. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


Other greats things to do during the week: I’m too lazy to go the gym; I’m sweating this fat out at Dende’s show at SOB’s. EVENT DETAILS HERE. Tango?! Heck I might as well check out, if I find a dancing partner (please be aware that I was born with two left feet). EVENT DETAILS HERE. And for Saturday brunch I’m craving Arepas from Caracas Arepas Bar.

Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to all my Dominican compatriotas, we’re celebrating our Fiestas Patrias this week. Wishing I could take a plane to Quisqueya to eat sandwich from Barra Payan and then catch Astro live at La Espiral. Happy celebrating!