Your NY Going Out Guide: The Sprang Break Betch Edition

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It’s that time of year when the heathens and the holy converge for one week of ecstasy (religious or chemically induced…) – Spring Break and the Easter holidays, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Whether you’re the type to go to church or the type to go to a club in a former church (or to do both, because why not), here are some recommendations for this unseasonably cold week.:



There are two cool movies screening tonight. The 92 Street Y will be showing The Life, Death and Assumption of Lupe Velez, a glimpse into NYC counterculture in the 60s. Starring underground theater drag darling and Warhol superstar Mario Montez, it’ll definitely be some weird avant-garde type shit, so if you’re into that kind of thing check it out. Or if you’re trying to date someone who’s into that kind of thing, this is probably a good place to find them.Trippy mayneeee. EVENT DETAILS HERE.

I love witchy supernatural type stuff, which is probably a symptom of all the weird Anne Rice books I read in sixth grade. If devils, voodoo, santería. etc. are involved, I’m pretty much sold. (Except Twilight – ain’t nobody got time for that). Anyway, Bless Me, Ultima, a film that prominently features a creepy curandera, fits the bill. Its NYC premiere will be presented by our favorite bookstore La Casa Azul, which is fitting, given that the film is based on a banned novel by acclaimed author Rudolfo Anaya. EVENT DETAILS HERE.


Remezcla Music contributor Juan Data recently caught Bajofondo in San Fran and declared them “the best live show you’ll ever see by any Latin band. Actually, scratch Latin, just any band, period.” That’s a pretty strong endorsement, and considering that I’ve (shamefully) never seen them live, I’m definitely gonna have to check them out this Thursday. Ever since studying abroad in Buenos Aires, I’ve had a soft spot for tango, and music legend Gustavo Santaolalla’s recent interview with Remezcla got me intrigued about their new album Presente. Also, I really recommend Stage 48; I went a few weeks ago for the Bareto show, and although it’s in midtown (not ideal) it is my ideal concert venue size – big enough to feel like you’re part of a crowd, but small enough that you can clearly see the stage no matter where you’re standing. EVENT DETAILS HERE.

In other exciting news, NYC is hosting its first Moombahton Massive tonight. Dave Nada and the Moombah masters are bringing the party from my hometown (D.C.) to Output, Williamsburg’s first real “nightclub” – and they’ve invited their friends DJ Ayres, Cosmo Baker, Uproot Andy & Geko Jones of Que Bajo?!. I’ve been super curious about this new Willy B club AND I recently learned that I have Friday off this week (HAYOOO), so I’ll be wilin’ here late night. Also, we’re giving away tickets!! EVENT DETAILS HERE.


I’ve attended the gym I joined six months ago a grand total of two times, so I’ve decided to subscribe to a new workout philosophy: nightlife as zumba. Saturday night I’m undertaking my first cardio dance jam workout at DROM, where Gypsy, Afro-Latin, Electro, DUB & Blues come together for the perfect combo of aerobic movement, deep twerk squats, and good friends. AKA the BomBeat party, which will host special guests Brooklyn Gypsies. EVENT DETAILS HERE.