This Is the Only Zapateado Dance Tutorial That Matters

Lead Photo: Art by Remezcla
Art by Remezcla
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If you’re not dangerously close to breaking a heel, you’re not doing zapateado right. At least that’s what YouTuber Louie (Louie’s Life) demonstrated in his epic tutorial video, which kicks off with a simple instruction. “So pretty much for a zapateado, all you want to do is literally just the name, zapatear, just fucking step on it, pretend there’s hella roaches and be like, ‘bitch,’” he says. “And just move your feet… como runa rana, un sapo, and nomas corre al todo el pinche lado como si ‘ta corriendo una rata.”

Two weeks ago, Louie uploaded a video titled, “How to Dance at Quinceañeras!!” and it is an instant classic. Through the course of 10 minutes, he walks us through different styles of dance, starting with zapateado. He shows us when to slow down and, inadvertently, what we should do if we lose a shoe.

Louie uploaded the video onto YouTube after he posted a video of himself dancing on Instagram. In one post accompanied by him dancing zapateado, he says, “When you weren’t invited to the quinceañera so you bring the quinceañera to you.” After the short video, which was viewed more than 98,000 times, he received requests for a dance tutorial, so he complied and came up with one magical video.

Take his cumbia section. “Pretty much, all you wanna do is do a bunch of turns and just never let go of your partner’s hand,” he said. “Like you guys constantly need to be holding each other’s hand and doing vueltas and like backflips y no se que tanta cosa.”

Or the quebradita rapida segment, where a broom – called Bruma – is his partner.

Check out the rest of the video here: