Zoé as Sung by Bunbury, Dorian

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No assembly of Latin artists will ever top the epic trio that is Delfín Quishpe, La Tigresa del Oriente and La Pequeña Wendy Sulca singing “En tus tierras bailaré,” but Zoé comes close. The Mexican musical astronauts joined forces with Enrique Bunbury and other Spanish acts such as Dorian, Anni B Sweet and Vetusta Morla, to have them re-record four of their hit tracks — much in the way of the Reptilectric Revisitado remixes.

The result is a compilation album titled 01-10. The highlights? “Llevo el prizzma de tus ojjjos en mi cazzzco de azztronauta,” Dorian’s Iberian rendition of “Vía Láctea,” and Anni B Sweet’s hauntingly coquettish take on “Poli.” What of Bunbury’s intervention of “Nada?” It’s…quasi-Bunburian. You know he’s behind that unmistakable voice, but it almost sounds as if the former Héroes frontman wasn’t trying to hard to infuse his personality into the track.

If you’re in Spain, the album was just released earlier this week, and the tour starts on April 29 in Barcelona (click here for more info). If you’re not, the vids below will have to do (or click here to download it off iTunes).