Raido is a new project from young Costa Rican producer Giancarlo Renzi. After taking a brief detour through Drum & Bass and Dubstep genres, Renzi made a big leap that resulted in his EP Meant to be , 5 tracks that are like exquisite, many-flavored blunts packed with future hip-hop. The first, and perhaps sweetest of these blunts is the EP’s eponymous track “Meant to be”; a song that hypnotized me and Daniel M. Torres aka el Luki after NWLA’s Eric Gamboa played it for us the first time at a meeting. The purpose of that meeting was to plan out a music video for “Meant to be,” produced by Remezcla and shot during Monterrey’s annual Festival NRMAL.

That’s how we wound up on an MTY-bound plane to work on one of the most strenuous shoots I’ve ever done -- more than 150 takes shot over four days, filmed on city streets, in restaurants, at parties, on Festival NRMAL stages, at after parties in rooms of the Saafi -- all with nothing but a camera and two LED lamps. It was basically a Goonies-style homies trip, with our protagonist (and Monterrey-native) rapper Adán Cruz and his crew as our welcome wagon and guides. (Shout out to the kids from Emfasis, Jozuè and his brother Orly Cruz, who were with us practically the whole shoot).

Our concept was simple: the story of a girl, played by Maiela Montserrat, who goes to a festival with her boyfriend, played by Adán. The execution was another story: we shot hundreds of small moments, which we later painstakingly arranged into an order that sometimes jumps back and forth in time and sometimes develops the storyline. The final video is like a rhythmic and sentimental flashback: it has the pace of a music video, the narrative of a short film, and the aesthetic of a documentary. There’s partying and occasional drama and the ultimate triumph of love. And cameos. Lots of cameos.

Check out the video above, and don’t miss Raido’s performance at Antes del Antes, the pre-party for D.F.’s Festival Antes kicking off today. A collaboration from NWLA x Finesse x Remezcla, the party is free but you need to RSVP here

Come hang with us and Raido, and celebrate the video premiere. Thanks for watching and sharing. <3

Ashauri López.