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INTERVIEW: TikToker Yolanda Diaz on How Her Mother Helped Shape Her Beauty Journey

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Lifestyle content creator, Yolanda Diaz, is all about keeping it real – to the point of staying true to a beauty routine that has worked for Diaz since she was 14 years old. “If it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it,” says Diaz, who has been a die-hard Bare Minerals Pro Pressed Foundation stan since adolescence. 

With a mass following of 2 million on TikTok alone, Diaz, who goes by @Yolandaadiazz on TikTok, has embraced sharing her personal life with the world. She shares lifestyle vlogs that capture her DIY’s, OOTD’s (outfit of the day), and beauty and wellness routines – often with a family member in tow. And her interests are varied “because I have so many areas that I post in, it’s just kind of what feels natural. That’s really important to me, to make sure that whatever I post on the internet is not forced or staged.”

Diaz, who was born and raised in Indiana, is first generation Mexican-American. Her parents were born in Mexico, and make regular appearances on her account. “Me and my mom are super close,” says Diaz. But despite their tight connection, beauty and makeup application – one of Diaz’ forte – is not an area they connect in. 


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“She grew up with very little, so makeup was never a thing for her. It’s a completely foreign idea for her. Growing up it was never an area where she and I related,” says Diaz as she reflects on her mothers influence. “While my mom never related to me in that sense she has always been so supportive. She has always encouraged me to play in it and get my hands dirty and embrace it,” she adds.

Despite a dependable makeup routine, Diaz is not afraid to try out new trends and products on herself and on others. “I’m fortunate enough to be able to do makeup for some special events occasionally,” says Diaz, who has started providing beauty services to clients.

With a cult following and a growing side hustle, Diaz references the new partnership between Doordash and Ulta Beauty– which offers on-demand delivery from over 1,300 stores in the country – as a lifesaver. “It recently saved my life, because as a deeper skin toned girly, I didn’t have some lighter concealer shades. I was prepping the night before, and jumped on Doordash with Ulta Beauty and it was here within an hour.” 


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With an on-demand beauty delivery partnership, Diaz can continue to expand her palette and creativity, especially as she taps into trending makeup looks for 2024. “One of the most recent (trends) that I saw that I related to is ‘coffee makeup,’ it was centered around really bronzy, really brown neutral tones. I relate to them because they are centered around brown and the brown eye color. That’s what I’m really leaning into.”