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7 Tips to Decorate Your Creative Nest

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Making art may be challenging yet exciting with the right energy around you. Whether you are a musician, an artist, or a writer, having a creative nest perfect for you can be the difference between loving what you do and just getting by.

And that space isn’t just about what you like; it’s also about what makes you feel relaxed and enhances your mental health. You can turn to DoorDash for inspiration by browsing a range of businesses that prioritize play or as the support you need when putting together your space. With that in mind, we’ve put together seven tips to create a unique creative nest.

Make it Culturally Yours

Your space should reflect who you are, and your culture is a part of who you are. So, make sure your space highlights all parts of you. Pick a rug designed by an artist from our community. Hang some vintage Latine music posters on the walls. Decorate with some pieces that remind you of your heritage. You can find a range of artwork across various stores on DoorDash. That’s how you keep your culture with you in everything you do and make your space reflect who you are.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Green

An inspiring creative space is where you feel comfortable, looks aesthetically pleasing, and your mental health thrives. Plants help with all of the above. You can try your green thumb with beginner-friendly starting pots; there’s a range to choose from on DoorDash. Or flowers! Flowers can change a space, and since you have to change them often, you can make sure they match your mood. With DoorDash, you can have plants to pots at your door in no time.

Light, Light, Light

If there’s one thing a good creative space needs, it’s natural light. No one wants to create in the shadows. We’d almost dare to say no one really can! Creativity is one of those endeavors that requires a bit of sunlight. If you don’t have grand windows, you can create the possibility of them with a good mirror; find one with a style that works for your aesthetic on DoorDash. Sources of natural light help build a space that will make you feel more creative, relaxed, and happier.

Bring Some Comfort into the Space

Yes, you’re creating a workspace, but it should be where you feel comfortable. You want to spend time here. Otherwise, you won’t want to create in it! Get a soft, cozy blanket. Make a nook where you can curl up with a book, take a moment, and just read. Bring a pillow into your space so you can nap in the middle of the day if that’s what you need.

Snacks Make Everything Better

Make sure you don’t go hungry at any point! Nothing saps creative energy like being hungry and having nothing to eat. If you’re in the zone and need to restock, DoorDash can bring you everything from groceries to your favorite cold drink and coffee to keep you awake and focused.

Organize In a Way That Works for You

We all need some organization, but how would organization help you create? If you’re a musician, organize your instruments how you want them. If you’re an artist, make sure your supplies are accessible. A writer needs their tools where they most inspire them. No matter the type of art you create, there are organization tools for you, from planners to calendars to Post-its in colors to match your aesthetic. You can find any tool for any field on DoorDash.

Incorporate Something That Helps You Relax

Whether scented candles or the perfect blend of tea, look for what will help you wind down on DoorDash – where you can go to achieve that relaxation. Your mental health is important, and your creative space should be something that potentiates that because, in the end, it’s a space just for you, not anyone else. The most important thing about your space is that you feel comfortable and find your best self while you’re there. That’s the best way to create, in our opinion!

Your perfect creative nest, which will help you make the things you always dreamed of, is just a few tips away. And DoorDash can deliver solutions as you create and enjoy that space. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to design your space because what makes it perfect is you.