Instagram of the Week: Get A Taste of Miami’s Cuban Goodies With Abuela Mami’s Care Packages

Who: Abuela Mami is a new website based out of Miami, that is making dreams come true for all ex-pats of the 305, or just lovers of Cuban treats – because who does’t love themselves a pastelito or cortadito? Abuela Mami is a unique subscription service that sends a care package of assorted Cuban treats to your door every month, including food, kitchen tools, and flags to remind you of home.

Why You Should Follow: I was born and raised in 305, and although my family was a mix of Colombians and Ecuadorians, the Cuban influence on my life was strong. I think the same can be said for many other Latinos from SoFla. Along with posting delicious photos of Cuban goodies, Abuela Mami posts hilarious memes that are very real for anyone who has lived in or visited Miami. Plus, this is a pretty sweet and original gift idea for any of yours primos that are living out in Middle America somewhere, where chicharrones might be in short supply.

Sample Photos: