Mexico City-Based Apparel K Releases New Ninja Inspired Lookbook, #sakuratech

Creative Direction and Styling: Zai Nájera. Photo: Dafne Lopez Toigo.

Apparel K is a mysterious brand. The only info you see on their official Instagram is “anime is art,” and scrolling through their feed, you’d probably mistake it for a Japanese label. But I think that’s definitely their point. Apparel K might be based and produced in Mexico City by a Mexican designer, but the spirit of the brand resides in influences from the Far East.

For the newest collection, #sakuratech, Apparel K drew influences from technology, ancient ninja culture and delicate cherry blossoms. The fresh collection highlights the clash between the traditional and the modern with a story that’s a little health goth meets The Virgin Suicides. Whatever that means, it’s moody, dreamy and dark and I dig it.

Check out the exclusive new lookbook styled by Zaira Najera and photographed by Dafne Lopez Toigo and you can get the pieces from the collection at