Life Hacks With BB Inc, the Founder of Triangulo Swag Streetwear

Everyone from Wisin to Arcangel to a Who’s Who of dembowseros from DR have been spotted shopping in uptown NYC shop Triangulo Swag. The apparel line is the brainchild of Alfredo Perez – aka BB Inc – who pivoted from a successful career making music videos and working with the likes of Pharrell, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Benzino to a career as an accidental streetwear maven.

The idea for Triangulo Swag was actually rooted in Perez’s original passion: filmmaking. After creating a successful drama web series titled “El Triangulo,” Perez decided to create a dozen hats – with the brand’s now emblematic triangle logo – to give out to the crew who helped him bring the series to life. But after throwing a photo of the hats up on Instagram, he quickly realized there was a bigger market for them. He flipped all twelve on Instagram in one afternoon, and it wasn’t long before he’d turned his side hustle into his main hustle.

In this first episode of “On the Low” we tagged a long with BB Inc to get the scoop on what it takes to build a brand el movimiento urbano can’t stop wearing, and to get some useful life hacks from a true, self-proclaimed josiador.