Brooklyn’s Alt Space Provides a Fresh, DIY Alternative to Fashion Week: FASHUN TWEEK

Photo via Ytinifninfinity

Mexican-American curator and stylist Phillip Gomez is one of the brains behind Bushwick’s Alt Space, a new store/showroom/gallery space for fresh, experimental art and fashion. The concept store is an extension of the BK-based culture blog Alt Citizen, and it focuses on selling limited, one-of-a-kind DIY items, which Gomez tells Bullett is an act of “rebellion against a world where creativity has been replaced with salability.”

This week, Alt Space presents “Fashun Tweek,” their tongue-in-cheek take on NYFW. They will be showcasing experimental brands and new designers, whose work is focused on youth culture and internet-inspired streetwear. Brands include the Sext Pixels, Saga NYC, LACTIC Incorporated, and plenty of internet inside jokes. We caught up with Gomez to hear more about his inspiration and what we can expect at Fashun Tweek.


When did you realize you wanted to be a part of the art industry?
My approach to fashion has always been with art in mind. As a stylist, I always wanted to create artistic moments with fashion. Like a painter painting on a canvas, but instead of using paint and brushes my medium of choice is fashion. So this collaboration with Alt Citizen to create Alt Space is a way to expand on that.

Alt Space
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Why did you choose the name “Fashun Tweek” and why did you want to do this event?
Well we knew we wanted to do something during Fashion Week, but many of the brands we carry at Alt Space don’t design based on seasons and collections. They are artist-made special pieces, sometimes one-of-a-kind, in the moment, unique garments. Thats how we came up with the idea to create a platform for futuristic street wear and experimental design –like fashion week, but with a tweak. Hence, FASHUN TWEEK!

Did you select designers from all over the world for FASHUN TWEEK? How did you curate this event?
Since this is the first FASHUN TWEEK, we are mostly working with New York-based brands, but we would love to grow FASHUN TWEEK to include designers from all over the world and become the official platform for futuristic streetwear and experimental design. For me, the main criteria is the designs have to be inspiring. Fashion for me is very intuitive and I wanted to invite designers that would create a reaction.

What do think about fashion week and Latin brands in NYC? Do you recommend any brands to check out?
Fashion Week in my opinion has become very commercial and mass produced. Its nice to see artistry at its core. Some of my personal favorite brands currently are designed by young of designers of Mexican descent:ytinifninfinity and Gypsy Sport, in particular. I recommend both of those brands and I’m excited to see more from them.

What can Latin-American brands do to start getting included in these kinds of events in NYC?
I feel that social media has definitely been an important platform for me to discover new designers and brands. So I would say that building a media presence while staying authentic to their artistry is a good way to get known.

Do you have plans for the next season? What’s next for Alt Space?
Nothing is planned as of yet for next season, we created FASHUN TWEEK to be more of a yearly platform but you never know what can happen! And for Alt Space, well there’s a lot of exciting art shows, performances and pop up events planned so you’re just going to have to follow us on instagram to find out!