Before There Were Rap Battles, There Were Mexican Coplas

It’s no exaggeration to call Pedro Infante the idol of Mexico, a man who earned his nickname: “El Inmortal.” Infante’s life was one of the ultimate rags-to-riches stories; born in humble Sinaloa, he became one of Mexico’s greatest actors. As one of los Tres Gallos Mexicanos (a trio that included on-screen rival Jorge Negrete), he was dubbed the king of rancheras, though he was always more of a crooner than a crower.

Infante’s dulcet tones and undeniable charisma earned him comparisons to such American contemporaries as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and even Humphrey Bogart. But Infante had more to offer than charm and a pretty voice: he also had serious bars. Before Kool Moe Dee was challenging Busy Bee Starski to infamous rap battles, Pedro Infante was dueling it out in song smackdowns known as coplas.

Much like freestyle battles, coplas were a way for charros to settle their beefs about everything class differences to romantic competition over women. In the songs, Infante and his rival could be found trading witty, poetic insults until one emerged victorious.

Inspired by these throw downs, we teamed up with Corpus Christi’s very own cyber cholo El Dusty and cerveza Estrella Jalisco to give the classic copla duel a modern twist. Check out a duelo de coplas that has our charros facing off over one of the inter-generational battles of the ages: millennial vs. viejennial.

Estrella Jalisco will be honoring Pedro Infante as part of Hollywood Forever’s 2017 Day of the Dead celebration. Live stream the event here.



Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
Creative Director: Morris Dávila
DP: Nick Perron- Siegel
Producer: Daniel Salcedo
Editor: Rodrigo Olivar
Art Director: Itzel Alejandra Martínez