Cultura in Motion: Three Artists Pushing Latino Culture Forward

Photo by Rodrigo Olivar for Remezcla

To understand the evolving cultural identity of today’s Latinos, one need look no further than their creative expressions. A new generation of creatives is drawing inspiration from traditions rooted in their Latino heritage, but also from the multi-cultural melting pots they live in – and in the process they are elevating the traditional into something fresh, modern and now.

To celebrate those who continue to move Latino culture forward, we teamed up with Infiniti for  ‘Cultura in Motion,’ a program that highlights Latino creatives putting a new spin on tradition. From chefs like Wes Avila, who turned street food into haute cuisine; to designers like George Esquivel, who elevated shoemaking into a bespoke craft; to artists like Ernesto Yerena, who uses street art techniques to make gallery-worthy pieces that advocate for the Latino community – each of these individuals is motivated to evolve culture.

Check out the video below to learn more about their work and inspirations.



Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
DP: Ed Wu
Creative Director: Morris Dávila
Producer: Rafael Urbina
Editor: Rodrigo Olivar