INTERVIEW: Danna Paola Named New Global Ambassador for MAC Cosmetics

Photographer: Rafael Arroyo MUA: Emilio Becerril

Danna Paola is expanding her influence from the music industry to the world of beauty. MAC Cosmetics recently revealed that the Mexican pop star is their newest Global Ambassador, marking a significant step onto the global beauty stage. Starting this October, Danna will become the face of MAC’s upcoming product campaigns and collections worldwide, coinciding with the conclusion of her successful XT4S1S Tour USA.

The collaboration between Danna and MAC doesn’t come as a complete surprise to her fans, given her history of experimenting with various beauty looks. Whether it’s the timeless, clean-cut styles or the edgier, darker aesthetics, she has fearlessly embraced them all. Danna, a multitalented 28-year-old, first delved into makeup during her early years as a child actress and has since risen to prominence in the Latin pop music scene. Now, after years of artistic evolution, she is boldly taking control of her unapologetic era, redefining the Danna Paola we know today. Remezcla spoke with Danna Paola about her new beauty endeavor and what being the Global Ambassador for MAC means to her. Read the interview, ahead. 

What does partnering with MAC mean for this new era of Danna Paola?

“It’s like a dream come true for me. I’m still dreaming and thrilled to become a part of MAC Cosmetics… When I say it, I can’t believe it. This new era has been so important, and without forcing it, I ended up becoming a part of the MAC family. It’s so crazy to know that I grew up using MAC products without knowing that one day, I’ll be the global face of it. It’s a dream come true that empowers me and reminds me to work harder.”

How has your cultural background and identity as a Latina influenced your collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, particularly with makeup styles that are sometimes seen as ‘stereotypical’? Can you share your perspective on how you’re working to challenge or celebrate these stereotypes through this partnership?

“I don’t think I’m following the ‘Oh, this is a Latina look,’ no. It’s a free canvas. I do my own Latina vibe. When I experiment with makeup, for me, it’s something that is one of my trademarks. And it’s very important that makeup has always marked my own canvas: my eyebrows, my eyes, and my lips. These three areas of my face are absolutely important in my everyday look.”

Photographer: Rafael ArroyoMUA: Emilio Becerril
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MAC cosmetics has become a safe space for the queer community, just like your music. Did that influence your decision to work with them?  

“Yes! MAC has inspired me for many years, and I’ve noticed the movement and the queer pride that MAC represents. This [partnership] is meant to be. It represents my own beliefs and the beliefs of the brand. It goes beyond that because it’s also a form of expression of liberty to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Makeup is empowerment. For me, it was something super obvious to say yes to.”

What is one of your first memories with MAC cosmetics? 

“I was really little. I was five years old, actually. While doing telenovelas in Mexico, I remember going to the makeup artist in the makeup room and asking, “Can you put some eyeshadow and lipstick on me? And they were like, ‘Why, you’re a kid?’ But I wanted it so bad. I’ve been in love with makeup since I’ve had common sense. It’s a part of me; It’s a part of life. It’s another arm of myself, and MAC has been a part of many special moments in my life.” 

How has MAC been a part of your journey? 

“When I didn’t have a makeup artist, I would go to the MACY’s and have my MAC appointments to get my makeup done there for my shows. It’s awesome to relive those moments and have those fond memories. I’m very proud to say that I once used MAC at the beginning of my career, and now I am the face [of the brand]. 

What are three makeup steps you do every day? 

“I can’t leave my house without makeup, even if I am just going to the pharmacy. I can’t leave without doing my brows, my lashes, and lip liner. I literally can’t. It’s something that I love doing because it empowers me.”

You are now the face, but will you officially launch a product for MAC? 

Something is coming. Something is in the works. If I had to do a color, it would be a mixture of their lip color ‘Whirl’ and something else. I love natural lips with a brown Latina vibe, but also juicy.”