All the Fly Quisqueyano Looks We Saw at This Year’s Dominican Day Parade

Photo by Elvin Tavarez for Remezcla

Every year as the Dominican Day Parade descends upon New York City, isleños comes out in droves, ready for a day of celebrating their Dominicanidad. The parade’s mission is to pay tribute to “the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore, and popular traditions.” This year, the parade honored Dominican women, like the Mirabal sisters, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, and Julissa Reynoso, as well as those who impact our everyday lives.

Aside from the desfile and the RD flags lining Sixth Avenue in a colorful display of patriotism, one of the best reasons to head to the parade is to see the many dominicanos de pura cepa who show off their most elaborate outfits. Cardi B, for example, wore a sparkly red-blue-and-white bustier as she repped her heritage on local radio giant La Mega 97.9’s float. This year, we set out to capture the beauty behind Dominican Day Parade style. Here are the fly outfits that will surely inspire your look next year.

All photos by Elvin Tavarez for Remezcla