Quiz: Dominican Name or Game of Thrones Character?

As diehard Game of Thrones fans here at Remezcla, we couldn’t help but notice the overlap between the names of GoT characters and actual Dominican people. Let’s be honest: Daenerys? Are we sure that isn’t your prima from Moca, rather than the Mother of Dragons?

Surprisingly, the book series is a treasure trove for idiosyncratic aliases. In fact, a few characters’ names have been altered or changed altogether for the TV show; as Harper’s Bazaar notes, Yara Greyjoy is named Asha in the novels.

Since the Season 6 finale is just around the corner, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to compare the Thrones world to real-life Dominican monikers. Whether or not you’re a Thrones fan, take a stab at our quiz below. To learn more about the linguistic history behind Dominican naming customs, read our feature “From Yahaira to Junot: Unraveling the History Behind ‘Weird’ Dominican Names” here.

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Dominican or Game of Thrones
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