Meet the Tijuana Entrepreneur Behind Eight Sleep, a Smart Mattress Helping You Sleep Better

Photo by Remezcla.

Though Latinos currently represent 17% of the population in the United States, they are vastly underrepresented in the tech industry, where they only make up roughly 8% of the workforce. That’s why we teamed up with Lexus to shine a light on tech entrepreneurs who are defying these odds, and taking new routes to enter this sector.

In our third episode of New Route, we talk to Alexandra Zatarain, the co-founder of Eight Sleep, a technology company focused on helping people sleep better through data and connected home products.

Eight takes the online mattress-selling business to the next level with a smart mattress that is able to provide detailed sleep tracking information – including how many hours you slept and how long you spent in deep sleep – via sensors embedded in the mattress. The technology uses machine learning to suggest small adjustments you can make to improve the quality of your sleep (and even offers the ability to customize the temperature on your side of the bed!)

Below, learn more about Zatarain’s journey as an entrepreneur, and how Eight’s innovative products landed her on the Forbes 30 Under 30.


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