16 Fall Outfits to Cop This Season

Fall weather is on its way and along with it pumpkin spiced everything, colorful foliage, and of course, fall style. Chunky sweaters, booties, and leather jackets will make their standard appearances this season, but you can expect to also see some fresh silhouettes and colorways – from sporty, streamlined aesthetics to ballooned-out proportions in luxe fabrics. We talked to eight stylish Latinxs about what they wear during the chilly months of the fall and where they’re getting their style inspiration from these days.

Photos & Loops by Itzel Alejandra Martinez.

  • Djali Syèl Brown-Cepeda
  • DominiYorkian from New York City, NY

Mara Hoffman Leopard Print Dress; Mapuche Hair Accessory; Gold Family Nameplate Necklace; Steve Madden Brown Boots with Gold Tip

“Aside from my mother, who has the bombest fashion sense ever (and whose clothes I steal on occasion since her closet is in my room), I gather a lot of inspiration from films and album covers. When I was an early teen, I was given the nickname “The Denise Huxtable of Dyckman,” and I still – to an extent – live by that. I’ve always been that weirdo girl in the neighborhood who will choose bellbottoms over tight jeans and rocks her hair super wild, instead of straightening it. But I’d describe my style as ever-changing and ever-growing.

We all have our different tastes and opinions regarding fashion, what we should wear and what we shouldn’t; who puts in place the norms that we blindly follow. But for me, it’s all political: dressing up and dressing down, wearing skirts or shorts, wearing makeup or not. These are all political statements.”

GAP White Button-Down Shirt; American Apparel White Bell-Bottoms; Earrings from a Nigerian Street Vendor; Green and Yellow Religious Bracelet; Thrifted Black-and-White Shoes

  • Ignacio Torres / 29 years old
  • Mexican from El Paso, TX

Wales Bonner Jewel and Shell Embellished Zip-Up Top; Wales Bonner Flared Jeans; Vintage Black Shoes

“I’m inspired by my friends and film. I’m really into the movie Atomic Blonde and sort of inspired by that at the moment. I like playing with proportions when it comes to my style choices. I like a clunky shoe that will weigh me down or a jacket or bottom that will balloon out and balance my otherwise slim frame.”

GMBH Brown Leather Jacket; Vejas Leather Brown Pants; Prada Brown Boots

  • Paola Rodríguez / 26 years old
  • Puertorriqueña from Bayamón, PR

Ouroboro Shop High Waisted Jeans; Eckhaus Latta Navy Blue Coat with Silk Interior; Zara Front Knot Top; Luiny Gold Earrings; Rings from Mexico; Zara Black Heeled Booties

“Favorite fashion decade has to be the 80s, with bold styles, colors, oversized blazers, etc. Young Gloria Trevi is my go-to, but obviously, I do take it down a notch. I still do get lots of inspiration from famous designers, but even more than that, I just see people on the streets. New Yorkers are so stylish!

Money. Does. Not. Buy. Style. The important thing is that you wear what you genuinely like and feel most comfortable in. Anything makes you feel prettier, cooler, sexier or whatever it is; it’s YOUR body and you can dress however the f*ck you want!”

H&M Floral Dress with Back Opening; Gold Earrings; Vintage Doc Martens

  • Aldo Araujo / 23 years old
  • Ecuadorian from Miami, FL

Supreme New York Quilted Satin Varsity Jacket and New York x New Era Beanie; White Hanes T-Shirt; Carhartt Work In Progress Aviator Pants; Double Grommet Leather Belt; Off-White Hiking Mountain Boots

“The driving force of my style lies in my experience as a gay Latino. Growing up, I always felt close to my feminine energy, but I was always told that I wasn’t allowed to express that. The Latina woman has always been a muse for me and a huge influence on my style. The gold jewelry, the French tip manicures and long acrylics, the bangles, the hair, everything about the women I grew up around really attracted me.

Growing up in Kendall (Miami) in a predominantly black and brown area really exposed me to street style. We all grew up coveting the latest sneakers and streetwear that we’d see our favorite rappers wear in reggaeton videos, despite the fact that many times these clothes were financially inaccessible for us. Some days I want to present more masculine, some more feminine. But the goal is to always feel comfortable and strong in whatever I choose. Style has always been my means of expression and the place that has allowed me to discover multiple facets of my persona.”

Kangol Hat; Off-White x Warby Parker Sunglasses; Vintage Button Down; Rag & Bone Jeans; Vintage Western Belt; Haider Ackermann Black Leather Boots

  • Naila Saphia / 18 years old
  • Afro-Mexican from Washington D.C.

Thrifted Tank Dress Maroon T-Shirt, Plaid Skirt; Woven Plastic Yellow Virgen de Guadalupe Bag; Gold Necklace and Virgen de Guadalupe Ring; Thrifted Light Blue Bon Bon Earrings; Thrifted Black High Heeled Boots

“I’m actually into spending ethically so I do more supporting local / independent WOC artists. For example, my bag is crafted by an amazing instagram follower I have named Lex Morales.

I’m very inspired by mi mamita’s old pictures. I steal a lot of my looks from her and even a lot of her old clothes from years ago I’ve found in the basement and made them my own. I would say my style is very nostalgic, very child-like. I still wear my hair in barrettes, my Virgen de Guadalupe necklace and ring I got when I was 15, chancletas, and those big sweaters your mom would make you wear to school and that you would take off once you got far enough.”

Thrifted Purple and Green Color Block Sweatshirt; Oversized Suede Blue Pants; Purple Fuzzy Scrunchie; Blue Hand Painted Tote by Lex Morales; New Balance Sneakers

  • John-Sebastian Zuluaga / 22 years old
  • Jamaican & Colombian from Queens, NY

Topman Souvenir Jacket; J.Crew White Mandarin Collar Shirt; Topman Cropped Dress Pants; Nike Black Sneakers

“I get inspiration from everybody around me. What is stylish in the hectic streets of New York City? The city inspires me! I would describe my style as a mixture between business casual and sportswear. I love a well-fitted denim and a Nike sneaker to finish it off. Maybe even add a New York Mets baseball cap as an accessory.”

J.Crew Fitted Military Jacket; Topman Black Sweater; Rag and Bone Skinny Black Jean; Topman Chelsea Boots

  • Gem Sanchez / 19 years old
  • Dominican from Washington Heights, NY / Yonkers, NY

GAP Shirt Dress; Forever 21 White Denim Jacket with Acrylic Artwork by Gem Sanchez; Dollar Store Pink Glasses; One Star X Golf le Fleur Converse

“I usually tend to shop at local boutiques, thrift shops, or get hand-me-downs from my older sister. My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I love throwing on baggy jeans, sneakers, and a tee, other days I would wear a fitted dress with chunky heel boots. I love wearing textured clothing, ones with nice silhouettes, and of course, great colors. Rihanna and Zendaya are my top style inspirations. I like to mix and match different styles into one outfit to keep it interesting. I also grab inspirations from movies, editorial photoshoots, and everyday people.”

Thrifted Purple Turtle Neck and Metallic Grey Skirt; Forever 21 Black Textured Jacket; Verameat Accessories; Black Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

  • Robot MoonJuice / 26 years old
  • Dominican from Harlem, NY

Thrifted Purple Silk Button Up; Grey Slacks; BOND Hardware Silver Chain Necklaces, Three Pocket Holster, and Oversized Key Ring; Thrifted Pointed Boots

“I would describe my style as a coke dealer at Studio 54. Looking good while still being able to comfortably whoop somebody’s ass.”

Thrifted Motorcycle Jacket and Sweatpants; H&M Guns N’ Roses T-Shirt; BOND Hardware Buzzsaw Earrings; Search & Destroy Shoes