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How These Creative Industries Make the Magic Happen From Behind the Scenes

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Those in film, fashion, and tech know how to make everything happen. In each of these creative trades, there is an array of dynamic individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes; they are the ones bringing the presence of Latines to the fore. They are the ones boosting their teammates to get everyone involved a seat at the table—because much like every passenger in the three-row Lexus TX—everyone deserves their space to shine. No matter the row they’re in or the skill they use, they all rely on their maverick efforts and personality to make for a better today as well as tomorrow.

Let’s spotlight a few creatives who are a driving force behind each of their respective industries, and learn more about their roles and how they and their teams make everyone feel seen.

In the world of cinema, it’s the editors, sound designers, and visual effects artists who have the magical powers at hand, shaping the vision of the director and the performances of actors into something otherworldly. Latines have won prestigious awards in such fields. For the prestigious indie film, Sound of Metal, three Mexican-born sound engineers won an Academy Award for Best Sound of Sound Mixing: Jaime Baksht, Michelle Cuottolenc, and Carlos Cortés.

And, there’s so many more Latines like them! Someone else who is changing things from within is Oscar-nominated Tatiana S. Riegel, a talented editor, who has worked on renowned films like I, Tonya and Lars and the Real Girl. While her job as an editor requires her special set of personal skills, she’s an important enclave that unites the work of the hands-on crew with that of the most recognizable talent.

Fashion is more than just glamorous runways and stunning models. Behind the scenes, pattern makers, seamstresses, and textile experts shape the very foundation of the industry, providing everything from prototypes to producing the finished product that we find in stores. Historically, Latines have been an integral part of fashion, both in front and behind the scenes, seeing generations upon generations of seamstresses and makers among our families, from all cultures. My Pipl, a self-described “bi-national company” that promotes clothes, jewelry, and accessories designed and made by Latines, is a prime example of a self-contained paradigm-shifting powerhouse. The collective is rapidly gaining a following around the U.S. – not only putting Latines in the fashion industry to the fore, but also opening the door for other professionals to find their place in it.

In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s not just the CEOs and power players that play an important part in the advancement of their industry. There are also software engineers and developers, coders, network administrators, quality assurance testers, and project managers who keep the digital wheels turning. Representation is sure to grow with studies showing an increase of Latine graduate enrollment in science and engineering. Eliana Murillo is one of the key individuals boosting everyone to have a bigger stage to showcase their talents. Murillo had been part of Google for 10 years where she was also a Latine activist before continuing on her newer endeavors like Eliment and Company, an innovation venture lab, production company, and consulting firm, keeping her mission of uplifting other Latine entrepreneurs in small businesses.

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