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Inspiring You to Achieve Your Dreams with Ulta Beauty Design Team Elite Stylist Beto Sanchez

Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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The streets of Mexico City are where Ulta Beauty Design Team Elite Stylist Beto Sanchez discovered his passion and purpose in hairstyling and hair-designing. After tagging along with his mom to countless hair appointments with her stylist, it sparked Sanchez’s interest in hair. At the age of 14, Sanchez began styling his mom’s and sister’s hair, which later led him to complete cosmetology school in Chicago and embark on a successful career in the beauty industry.

“At some point, my mom’s hair stylist told her, like, ‘Oh, he’s going to be doing your hair at some point, and I’m not even going to be jealous. I’m just going to be very excited.’ And that’s funny that it actually ended up happening,” he said.

“During my mom’s hair appointments, my mom’s hair stylist would talk to me about the way she would color my mom’s hair and what the different tones would look like in her hair. I think that’s what sparked my curiosity to later sign up for my first class in cosmetology school,” he said.

“My first pair of scissors I picked up; I think it was when I finished cosmetology school here in Chicago. ‘Til this day, they are the same pair of scissors that I use; I just really love them, and they just have a special meaning to me,” he added.

While working at his first salon in Chicago, Sanchez completed a certification with the brand Wella where he was introduced to a new skill: hair coloring.

“When I got my certification as a Master Color Expert, I was just kind of, like, in awe about how the educators were so passionate about hair color. I learned so much in that certification, and I feel like I started seeing myself doing that. The way it lit up some ideas in my head, just like, I think I can do that too,” he said about his experience at cosmetology school.

Sanchez often reflects on how his upbringing in Mexico City inspired his work and perspective on beauty upkeep. As a child, Sanchez often watched his mother and grandmother take pride in their looks while getting ready for their full-time jobs. In those moments, Sanchez says he learned that beauty can be a form of self-empowerment.

“My grandma and my mom were the first-generation of women in my family that worked full-time jobs versus [being] stay-at-home moms. With them, I realized how important it was to feel beautiful and empowered by [that] feeling– to go out and get their jobs done in a man’s world,” he said. “Women weren’t seen as smart or as such a strong force [in] businesses [then]. Seeing the power that beauty can have in people really inspired me.”

Sanchez took what he saw and emulated it in his own way, making powerful strides toward his dreams when he came to America. In 2020, he was named one of the top ten game changers in the industry by Modern Salon.

“Through my career, I have had great opportunities, and I had the courage to take them [on] and make the best of them. And particularly with Ulta Beauty, I feel like they’ve given me all of these opportunities, lots of exposure, creative freedom, and honestly, even the salon stability that I always needed. I can just focus on my career goals,” he said.

As Sanchez progresses in his career, one thing has stayed consistent: his clientele’s needs are priority. For generations, salons have been affordable for clients to receive wash and press to rollers–and a staple in the Latine and Black communities. That’s why Sanchez finds it important to make his guests feel luxurious – no matter the budget.

“I like the clients and the guests to leave the salon feeling like a million dollars and feeling like they’re ready for the runway. I love that expensive-looking hair without it having to be so expensive. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, I will always make it look expensive,” he

Sanchez is well versed in all hair textures and knows the necessary hair products each of his client’s hair needs. “I’m all about the shine and the movement [of hair,]” he proclaimed. He highly recommends products that specifically cater to different hair textures, from PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross to Nick Stenson Beauty, to get dream-like bouncy, volumized, and healthy hair.

“Everything you find at Ulta Beauty, you’ll be able to trust. I personally really like Pattern. I feel like all of the ingredients work perfectly to maintain moisture in the curls, to define it, and even with different levels of hold, because there’s people that want those curls to look wet all the time,” he added. For soft, defined curls, we recommend PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner for locking in moisture and PATTERN Detangling Nectar for smooth, defined curls.

For the ultimate “telenovela hair,” Sanchez swears by two of the Nick Stenson Beauty line products. If you have fine hair, then you tend to deal with flatness at your roots and hairstyles not lasting hold without the proper hold. Well, Sanchez advises using “two of my favorite products from [the] Nick Stenson’s Beauty brand are the Nick Stenson Beauty Root Lifter Spray, this volumizing product builds body with a soft finish and Nick Stenson Beauty Light Hold Hair Spray” provides hold and protection from humidity, a necessity for everyday styling.

Sanchez adds that “everybody has been insanely fascinated by” the Nick Stenson Beauty line. It’s a really moisturizing product line. It makes the hair feel beautiful. Everything smells luxurious. It’s almost like a spa experience every time you’re styling a client’s hair with it. The Root Lifter [Spray] is really great when you really want to create that telenovela volume.”

Another one of Sanchez’s favorite hair products for luxurious hair is It’s A 10. “I do have to say It’s A 10 is one of those must-have brands! [It’s] my favorite [brand] of deep conditioner. It gives the appearance and the feel of super healthy hair,” he said. If you want body in your tresses, we recommend the brand’s It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask, to enhance softness and smoothness, followed by It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product to eliminate frizz, restore shine, and enhance your hair’s natural body.

As much love as Sanchez puts out, he receives it tenfold in return – through his clients and the industry he calls family. As a proud queer Mexican hair stylist, Sanchez is empowered to be of service through his identity and passion. Thanks to the beauty industry, he acknowledges that he feels well-received by his peers.

For fellow Latine stylists, designers, and artists, Sanchez advises every reader to go into their dreams headfirst. He wants readers to know that even if you’re afraid to leave home, you should consider the amazing possibilities ahead.

“Seriously, follow your dreams and work hard for them. Because [for] me, I didn’t even see myself growing up or living in a different country that wasn’t Mexico, but opportunities [for] growth happened. With Ulta Beauty, I saw the potential that I can have in seeing my work printed and shown off-It’s like physical proof that I’m working hard. Work on those dreams that you have…” Sanchez takes a minute. “I’m getting emotional…Work hard so you can achieve them. It really pays off. Means a lot of work. It’s definitely sweat, tears, and sometimes blood when you have those cuts with the scissors, but it’s fully worth it.”