Instagram to Follow: Travel Latina Showcases Globe-Trotting Women of the Latin American Diaspora

Who: Travel Latina is the brainchild of Alexandra Tracy-Chavarriaga, who was born in the U.S. to a Colombian mother and American father. Aside from being the founder of Travel Latina, she has worked as a project manager for various companies, specializing in the development of Latino and multicultural markets, so her passion to expand Latino visibility runs deep.

Why You Should Follow: Alexandra launched Travel Latina in 2015 to create a space for Latin women to explore their passions for travel and adventure, while also combatting Latinx stereotypes that pervade social media and beyond. She tells Hip Latina,

“I want to combat those negative stereotypes by featuring all different kinds of Latinas of all various shapes and sizes such as Afro-Latinas, Indigenous Latinas, White Latinas, Mestizas, and Mulattas, who travel. It shows that we are more than just our bodies or our appearance. This initiative focuses more on our diversity, our love for life, our passions, our interactions with different cultures and environments, and a variety of things we do.”

Travel Latina is simply another home for Latinx bloggers and travelers to share with their community and bask in their mutual wanderlust to see the world and spread positivity.

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