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Jack Daniel’s & De La Ghetto are Bringing the New Calle Anthem to One Lucky City

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The city we reside in and/or grow up in often shapes our identities and creative outlook in life. In the case of music artists, locations (new and old) often very much influences their sound. A sip of alcohol can, too, take us back to a specific country or city.

Jack Daniels’ particular connection to their roots is what makes the proudly Tennessee-born brand the perfect candidate to meld the two worlds and bring you a sound for those with high taste. Jack Daniel’s New Calle project, new for 2021, is doing the work to invest in emerging Latin music scenes regionally and internationally.

To take things to the next level, Remezcla and Jack Daniel’s are joining forces with De La Ghetto to bring your city a new anthem composed of the emerging sounds of the Latin urbano movement today—which, as you know, includes everything from Mexico and DR’s trap corridos to Panamanian canela and more.

Which city do you think should get their own anthem?

Vote now and you could win Executive Producer credits on the collaboration, plus a chance to be in the studio with De La Ghetto, shouting out your own streets!