Instagram to Follow: Worship at the Altar of Skateboarding at La Iglesia Skate

Red Bull/Lucho Vidales

Who: A trip to Europe usually means one thing for sure: you will come across A LOT of churches. But in Llanera, Asturias, in Northern Spain (outside of Oviedo), you will find a one of a kind church that has become a pilgrimage spot for skaters around the world. La Iglesia Skate (or The Kaos Temple,) as it’s been dubbed, was created in collaboration with Red Bull and artist, Okuda San Miguel. He transformed the old church into a psychedelic dreamland, covered in vibrant shapes and colors, which has served as a skatepark, venue, and meeting spot.

Why You Should Follow: The Kaos Temple is a beautiful example of the various subcultures of street art, skating, and architecture, coming together in an unusual space. It’s also a celebration of using older spaces to create something that will be beneficial for a new generation, and it’s rad to see how it has been restored.

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